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About Estate Trust Asset Recovery

Received a Letter

Submitting a Claim

Checking the Status of a Claim

About Estate Trust Asset Recovery

Who are you?

Estate Trust Asset Recovery is a state-licensed agency (A 2000321) with the security clearance and training that allows us to specialize in locating individuals, businesses, and heirs who are owed money by companies and local governments. Our expertise in verifying ownership of these funds allows us to have your funds returned directly to you in a secure and efficient manner.

Since 2001, our agency has helped thousands of rightful owners successfully reclaim their assets. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators and a leading advocate of lawfully supported systems for property (money) inadvertently held by businesses entities and governments to be returned to their rightful owners in as secure and timely manner as possible.

Is this real?

If our agency has contacted you, it’s because you are entitled to the reported funds.

Financial laws require companies to perform corporate audits on their accounting records and make an attempt to reach individuals or businesses to which funds are owed.  If unsuccessful, the law then requires the company to release the money to an escrow account in that individual’s name.  Estate Trust Asset Recovery, a properly licensed and authorized (link to credentials) agency, attempts to locate the correct owner and complete a comprehensive owner verification package.

Why do you charge a fee?

By the time you receive a letter from our agency, our Research Division has already invested time and resources to locate you and develop an individualized owner verification package.  Our Claim Department then processes your documents to have your funds returned more efficiently and securely with only the minimum required information.

You do not need to pay us directly. The processing fee is subtracted from your total refund after your claim has been approved.

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Received a Letter

Where is this money from?

Each year corporations perform required financial audits to determine if they owe any individuals or businesses money from wages, deposits, rebates, insurance policies, stocks, or bank accounts. They are then required to perform their due diligence and attempt to contact the owner at their last known address. If they are unable to pay you directly, the law requires them to deposit the funds into a secured escrow account with any known contact information.

How did you find me?

Estate Trust Asset Recovery is a specially licensed and regulated agency that matches the last known contact information for owners to their current addresses. Because of our license, security clearance, and expertise, we have access to proprietary databases that can locate the rightful owners with a minimal amount of personal information.

Why wasn’t I contacted before?

The law requires all corporations which owe money to perform their due diligence by contacting owners at their last known address. Unfortunately, many efforts are unsuccessful because you may have moved, the mail may have never arrived, or the corporation had an innocent oversight during a merger, acquisition, or liquidation.

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Submitting a Claim

What information do I need to receive my money?

Each ownership verification package is unique, but generally we will need a completed Limited Power of Attorney (second page of the letter) and a copy of a photo ID (Driver’s License or State ID card).

These documents are required only to verify your identity and rightful ownership and are not used for any other purpose. We understand your concern and will process your ownership verification package in the most secure way.

If you have any questions or concerns about these or additional required documents, please call our office at 1-800-737-8651 or email to speak with your Claim Representative.

How long does it take to receive my money?

Claims are required by law to be processed in the order they are received and the processing time can vary depending on the volume currently being processed. We have seen it go it as quickly as 18-30 days but recently it has taken 60-70 days for a claim to be processed. The escrow department is allowed to up to 90 days to process your claim therefore please contact us if you have not received your check in 90 days from the time you mailed your documentation to us.

What if the owner is deceased?

Our Probate Division can help you recover your inheritance in the simplest way possible. Because each estate has different circumstances and requirements, please call our office at 1-800-737-8651 to discuss the claim.

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Checking the Status of a Claim

How can I check the status of my claim?

You may check the status of your claim online at our Claim Status page or call 1-800-737-8651 to speak with your Claim Representative.

What do I do if I have moved?

The government-issued check may not be forwarded by the postal service even if there is a mail forwarding order in effect.  Please contact us to update your mailing address.

What do I do if I have not received my check?

Please check the Claim Status page to verify that your check has been paid and mailed to the correct address. If it has, please call 1-800-737-8651 or email to notify your Claim Representative that you have not received your check.

For your reference, the check is the bottom, red-tinted portion of a full sheet of paper. The top, white portion is for your records and has “do not cash” printed. “Do not cash” only refers to the top, white portion and not the check. The bottom, red-tinted portion may be cashed or deposited like any other check.

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If you have any additional questions, please call our office at 1-800-737-8651 to speak with a Claim Representative.